Multi-Published Contemporary Romance Author - Jody Vitek

Autumn Falls, Book One

When the truth comes out, can she justify the deceit and save her love?

For thirteen years, Autumn Johansen has kept a secret. No one knows who the father of her child is, not even the dad, Marshall Olsen. Although she justified her reasons, continuing the lie becomes difficult when Marshall and son meet. As father and son grow closer, keeping the truth from them proves to be a challenge. Revealing the truth will bring hurt and anger, so what does a mother do?

Marshall’s personal and professional life as a soccer player is turned upside down when a car accident kills his pregnant wife and leaves him severely injured. Returning home, the joy he finds with Autumn and her son helps him to heal. But he’s torn between staying and returning to the world of soccer.

Can her son and Marshall forgive Autumn’s deceit?


Sites of Interest

Brainerd Lakes Area, Minnesota


This is the area where the Johansen and Olsen cabins are located.

Major League Soccer


Learn more about the MLS.

Clamshell Beach Resort


This is the resort where the wedding takes place.

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