Multi-Published Contemporary Romance Author - Jody Vitek

Social Media Ads


Are you flustered with all there is to do when launching a new book release? Would you like a little help? I can help for a small fee. How small? How does $10 an ad sound? You read that right, $10 per ad. Why would I charge such a low price? Because I'm not using an expensive photo editing program and they are still photo ads (no video).

I have created social media ads for authors Brenda Whiteside and Tamara Hughes, as well as for my own books. Check out the short photo gallery below to see a few of my creations.

How does it work if you decide to use my services? We communicate via email as to what it is you are looking for in an ad or ads. I create the ad and send them  to you for feedback. I work on the ad until it is what you want. Once finalized, I send you the final jpeg file.

What if I need a header or banner? Can you create those? Yes, I create headers or banners. I charge the same price as an ad.

How long does it take to make the ad(s)? That depends on the response time between emails. It can be as quick as a day or as long as a week or two. Again, depends on communication.

If you are interested or have a few questions, please feel free to email Jody at