Love in the Land of Lakes

Roadside Catch

Aimee Harwell swore off relationships with doctors, until Marc Robinson finds her injured on the roadside and has her rethinking the possibilities.

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, and just as many love stories.Love in the Land of Lakes brings you seventeen of these stories, from two childhood sweethearts connecting on the end of a dock on a warm summer's evening, to a city boy's chaotic weekend at his girlfriend's primitive cabin. We bring you the story of a savvy horse who leads her owner to love in post-Civil War farm country, and the haunting romance of an ageless gambler who inhabits a historic riverboat and charms the boat's new owner.

A kaleidoscope of sunshine, snowstorms, and thunderstorms grace our contemporary, mystery, historical, and paranormal stories as the authors of Midwest Fiction Writers spin lovely romances that will send you drifting into happily ever afters. 


All proceeds from this book will benefit Midwest Fiction Writers in providing learning opportunities for writers of all levels.

Midwest Fiction Writers was founded in 1981 and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. MFW is a professional writing organization that includes approximately 100 published or aspiring writers. Under the broad umbrella of romance, our members write historicals, contemporaries, time travels, suspense, erotica, women's fiction - to name just a few.
Chapter 24 of Romance Writers of America

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Sites of Interest

Clamshell Beach Resort

This is where Jody based Roadside Catch.

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Brainerd Lakes Area, Minnesota

This the area many Minnesotans refer to when they say, "Going up north."

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